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For indoor comfort, you need Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating in your home.

Poor Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Photos   

Completely Clogged Evaporator Coil with Pet Hair

Completely Clogged Evaporator Coil with Pet Hair

The single most important thing you can do for  your Air Conditioning & Heating System is keep the filter clean.

If, you have indoor pets, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping the air conditioning filter changed. This is an indoor evaporator coil, that is covered in about 1″ of pet hair.  Needless to say, this customer thought they were doing a good job of keeping their filter changed, however, the indoor evaporator coil proves differently. Their air conditoning system and heating unit was working overtime. They weren’t getting much cooling, heating or comfort for the sky high electric and gas bills they were paying. The systems expensive components were prematurely wearing out, the life of the system was reduced, their indoor air quality was terrible. 

Most importantly, it is a safety hazard when using the heat. Even during heating, air flows through the evaporator coil. If, air cannot flow freely through the system, the unit will overheat. When this happens, if the systems safeties are working properly, the system will shut down. If, the systems safeties are not working properly, there is a potential for fire. This is why it is important to have your heating system checked every winter to insure all the safety features are in proper working condition. 

It is a lot less expensive to keep the air conditioner filter changed, than it is to pay to have the evaporator coil cleaned or replace expensive system components or to replace the air conditioning and heating system. 

Need your evaporator coil cleaned or your condenser coil cleaned, call us 972-530-8384.

The single most important thing you can do for your Air Conditioning & Heating unit is keep the air filter clean.

Completely Clogged Air Filter will keep your air conditioning and heating system from cooling or heating.

Completely Clogged Air Filter

If, your air conditioning and heating system air filter looks like this, you have waited to long to change it. This filter was so clogged, the system was trying to suck it up into the system, thus the filter tore trying to remove it. A clogged air filter: restricts air flow, making the air conditioner or heater unit have to work harder, causing unnecessary wear and tear on system components, eventually causing expensive component failure, consumes more energy, reduces comfort.

Change 1″ Pleated Air Filters at least Monthly.  The best way to remember to change your filter is when you get your electric bill it is time to change your filter.

Change 4-5″ Media Filters every 6 Months.

You may find for your area, you may have to change more often.

Need air filters, call us 972-530-8384.

The Single most important thing you can do for your Air Conditioning Unit & Heating System is keep the filter clean.

When you need your heater repaired, or your air conditioner serviced or need to replace your heating and air conditioning system, CALL US, ANY TIME, ANY DAY at 972-530-8384.

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