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Electric Bills Rise with the Temperature

You shouldn’t pay more to cool your home this summer than you have to. We have solutions to cut cooling costs.

Air conditioning units use the most electricity of any home appliance, making it very expensive to cool homes sufficiently to be comfortable during the summer. Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating says it’s time to invest in a new air conditioning system when the electric bill is hotter to handle than the temperature outdoors.

Older units consume a lot more electricity than newer, more efficient models. The older the unit gets, the more capacity and efficiency it loses, providing homeowners with less comfort and a higher electric bill.

Arctic Comfort can help with the major decision that is the purchase of a new air conditioning system. Typically, an air conditioning system lasts 10 to 15 years. Whichever system you choose now will be the one you have to live with for many years. When choosing an air conditioning system, be sure to get one with the highest efficiency your budget will allow.

The efficiency of an air conditioning system is measured by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER number, the more efficient and greener the air conditioning system will be. Just going from an older system with a rating of 8 SEER to a new system with a rating of 16 SEER can save you up to 50% on your electric bill. Over time, a new air conditioner and heating system will pay for itself.

Arctic Comfort has a full line of air conditioning and heating systems for every budget, for every home. We can help you choose the right capacity, efficiency and price for your home and provide professional installation of a new system. We don’t just throw a price together, we perform an in-depth in-home survey, followed by a detailed process to create a matched system that meets your needs, demands and comfort level. We also provide the air conditioning installation and air conditioning repair, as well as heating repair during cold months.

Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating can help provide funding and financing assistance with approved credit for a new air conditioning and heating system. We have a coupon for $500 off a new high efficient air conditioning and heating system. You may also be eligible for a manufacturer rebate and a utility credit in some areas. Other special offers may be available. 

Start saving today by calling Arctic Comfort for a free in-home quote at 972-530-8384.

Extreme hot temperatures are on the way and it is a good idea to get maintenance to prepare air conditioning systems for summer.

We want our customers to be prepared for the sweltering, scorching hot of summer by having their air conditioning unit checked before the summer hits.

It is hard to tolerate Texas’ long, hot, scorching, sweltering summers without air conditioning. When hot weather arrives, homeowners want their air conditioning system to provide them with dependable, efficient, comfortable cooling. The best way to insure that is to have their air conditioning system checked and cleaned by a professional air conditioning technician every spring.

Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating is offering spring cleaning and maintenance to get air conditioning systems up and running for the hot weather months. An annual checkup and cleaning will insure an air conditioner is operating at the highest level of cooling possible, keeping homeowners comfortable, reducing energy costs, increasing the life of the system and detecting minor problems before they become major problems.

Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating will conduct a thorough check by a technician that includes monitoring the Freon levels for the proper charge. A system low on Freon does not cool well, can cause the compressor to not cycle properly or freeze up and use more energy. A unit that is low on Freon should be leak checked to identify the area of the leak and repaired if possible.

The condensate drain line should be blown through to clear any algae growth or debris that could cause a blockage, causing water to overflow and damage ceilings, walls or floors. Algae growth is usually the cause of a restricted drain and is hard to control. It can be minimized by the technician blowing through the drain and treatment several times throughout the cooling season with an algae control, like bleach or vinegar. Be sure to have the tech show you how to treat the drain throughout the summer cooling season.

The condenser coil should be washed at the beginning of every cooling season. The only way to know if a coil is clean is to clean it. Pollution, cottonwoods and grass clippings are a common cause of a dirty or clogged condenser coil. A dirty or clogged condenser coil restricts air flow through the condenser coils, reducing the dissipation of heat, causing the unit to work harder and to use more energy, increasing the wear and tear on expensive parts and potentially cause compressor failure.

The condensing units electrical connections should be checked for tightness and worn or cracked wiring insulation. The air filter should be checked and changed if needed. The tech should also check the motor for signs of overheating and amps, the fan blade for balance and damage, the contactor for wear and pitted contacts, the capacitors for operation and weakness, the compressor volts and operation while running and the duct system should be checked for damage and leaks.

It is a good idea to have indoor evaporator coils cleaned and sanitized. Indoor pollution, infrequent filter changes, cooking odors and grease accumulate on the evaporator coil, restricting air flow and causing the motor to work harder to push the required air flow needed through the system. Eventually, a lack of proper air flow can cause the unit to freeze up with ice, damage the compressor due to improper oil return and possibly lead to system failure.

Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating recommends getting a check up and cleaning. Customers will pay more, but it is the best way to insure trouble-free operation, peak performance, reduced energy costs and comfort.

For the optimum check and clean, schedule an appointment when the outdoor temps are over 70 degrees and rain is not in the forecast as electricity and water are a deadly mix.

Avoid the rush and call Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating at 972-530-8384 to have air conditioners checked and cleaned before the hot summer gets here.

If you’re needing to replace your air conditioning and heating system, there is no better time than now. A lot of air conditioning and heating system manufacturers offer preseason manufacturing rebates and utility companies offer utility credits on eligible systems. Call us for more details at 972-530-8384 and to schedule a free quote to replace your air conditioning and heating system.

Buyer Beware! Don’t Be A Victim of Unlicensed Contractors !!!

Did you know in Texas, it is unlawful to service, repair or replace air conditioning and heating equipment unless the contractor is licensed by the State of Texas. Only licensed contractors are properly trained and have demonstrated that they have the skills and experience to service heating and air conditioning equipment. To earn a state license, a contractor has demonstrated that he is experienced and passed a state administered test of their knowledge. In order to renew their annual license, licensed contractors are required to carry insurance and must attend an approved continued education courses.

If, you use an unlicensed, unqualified air conditioning and heating contractor, you may be getting more than you bargained for. Using an unlicensed, unqualified air conditioning and heating contractor is a consumer safety issue. You run the risk of purchasing an unsafe repair, unsafe installation. Poor performance, fires or unsafe levels of carbon monoxide can result from improperly serviced, repaired or replaced equipment.

You may even be purchasing stolen equipment. If, you purchase stolen equipment, the manufacturer will not honor any warranty.

Unlicensed contractors always charge less than the licensed contractor. They don’t have the expenses and expertise, that a licensed contractor have. They skirt the law, they cut corners, they are unscrupulous, they perform shoddy and unskilled work, they rarely have insurance, they seldom return or cannot be located to fix problems that their unlicensed workmanship caused.

Price should not be a distinguishing factor when purchasing air conditioning and heating repairs, services and equipment. There is much more to it. A licensed contractor has all the required licenses, certifications, insurance, education, expertise, tools to perform proper repairs, service and equipment installation.

“It is unwise to pay to much, but it is worse to pay to little. When you pay to much, you loose a little money, that is all. When you pay to little, you sometimes loose everything, because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run and if you can do that you will have enough for something better”.  John Ruskin (1819-1900)

Air Conditioning and Heating is a specialized field, that requires education, experience, licenses, certifications. Be Smart, Use Only Licensed Contractors. By the way, Larry owner of Arctic Comfort is a Master Licensed Contractor.

It’s easy to understand how a home central air conditioner system works, here’s how.

Those that are thinking about buying an air conditioning system may be wondering how a central air conditioning system works. Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating can explain to those curious about air conditioning systems that understanding how they work is pretty easy.

There are four main components to an air conditioning system: the outdoor condensing unit, the indoor evaporator coil that works in conjunction with the outdoor condensing unit, the indoor air handling unit which serves a dual purpose of heating, and air handling and the duct systems.

The outdoor condensing unit removes the heat from inside the home. Ever feel the hot air coming out the top of the condensing unit? That’s the hot air that once was in the home. If it is not hot air, then it’s not cooling and it also means your compressor is not on.

The indoor evaporator coil works in conjunction with the outdoor unit to cool the home. The indoor evaporator coil is in a box, so the coil can’t be seen, but it looks similar to a car radiator. The refrigerant traveling from the outdoor to the indoor evaporator coil makes the coil get icy cold, then the blower of the indoor air handling unit blows warm air over this icy cold coil to make cold air come out the vents in each room.

The indoor evaporator coil removes the humidity (moisture, water) from the air. If the unit is not making water, it’s not cooling. The water it wrings out of the air has to go somewhere, so the indoor evaporator coil has an internal drain pan that catches the water and drains the water out of the drain pan by means of a main drain line that usually empties into the homes main drain.

The air handling unit, a gas furnace or electric air handler, serves a dual purpose. In the summer, only the blower section of the air handling unit is used to blow air over the icy cold evaporator coil and through the duct systems. In the winter, the heating section and blower are used to blow warm air through the duct systems.

Air is moved throughout the home by duct systems, which consist of plenums and ducts. Ducts move air from one place to another. Typically ducts are not attached directly to the equipment, so a box called a plenum, large enough to accommodate all the ducts, is attached to the indoor equipment and then the ducts are attached to the plenum and ran to their respective areas.

Those that are ready to replace their old air conditioner this summer can call Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating at 972-530-8384. Arctic’s experts can help customers choose the right system, capacity and efficiency for their home and budget. Each system is matched to each customer’s needs. Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating also offers professional installation, inspections and maintenance.

When your ready to replace your comfort system, call us at 972-530-8384 for a free quote. Our experts are ready to assist you with the right system, capacity and efficiency for your home in the Garland, Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Rowlett, Richardson, Plano and surrounding Dallas, TX area.

Residential Heating & Air Conditioning News for Home Owners 

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